Wisi crystal detector set apparat nr. 57 rundfunk

This crystal detector set ('Apparat Nr. 57 Rundfunk') was made by the German company Wisi in 1932 . The detector itself is a plug-in module suggesting that various types of detector could be obtained. The example shown is of the galena/cats-whisker type with glass tube and wooden (ebony) adjusting handle. Just visible behind the detector is a shorting link which could be replaced by an additional tuning coil (Spule) for picking up long wave transmissions. Below is a picture of the set complete with original headphones.

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The Wisi company was founded by Wilhelm Sihn Jr. in 1926 and was based at Niefern in Germany. It specialised in antennas and detectors and is still trading today in the multimedia business. During the period 1932 to 1955 the Wisi detector set no. 57 was the best selling crystal set in Germany.

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