It is very tempting to use bubble wrap to protect items for storage or transit. However, it can seriously damage certain polished wooden surfaces, leaving them scarred with unsightly ring marks that are VERY difficult to remove. I have noticed the effect on French polish and cellulose finishes. It seems that the object need only be in contact with the bubblewrap for a relatively short time for the damage to occur.

The problem seems to be caused by plasticizers leaching out of the bubblewrap and reacting with the finish.  The advice I am being given by archivists is to first wrap the item in acid-free tissue paper and then in bubblewrap, ensuring that the bubbles face outwards. Do not use bubblewrap for long-term storage.

Acid-free tissue paper is not expensive and could well help you avoid expensive damage.

If anyone has more information on this topic of bubblewrap damage I would be pleased to hear from them.

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