gec gecophone no2 no. 2 crystal set bc1501 detector radio wireless open-type variometer 1922


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For Sale: GECoPHONE crystal detector set No. 2, model BC1501, by GEC c. 1922, in mahogany cabinet with lift up lid carrying original instruction card. This set is far less common than the No. 1 set. It has stepped inductance, variometer and variable capacitor tuning, an open-type detector, the Loading Coil shorting link (sometimes missing) and a bracket on the lid with one spare detector mount. The set also includes a very useful refinement to aid setting the detector. When the button in the centre of the panel is pressed, a little buzzer emits weak radio signals that will cause a sound in the headphones when the detector is properly adjusted. The buzzer circuit works from a 4V cycle-lamp battery which can be fitted under the nickel plated cover at the front of the panel.

The set is in lovely original condition and in full working order.